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ASB One Step Injection Stretch Blow Moulding Machine

ASB introduces new compact one-step injection stretch blow moulding machine

14th November 2012

ASB introduces new compact one-step injection stretch blow moulding machine

Improved jar capability and energy efficiency

A globally sourced machine for the global market

Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd (Head office: Komoro-shi, Nagano-ken, President: Kota Aoki), a world leading manufacturer of PET container, one-step injection stretch blow molding machines, has developed the new “ASB-12M” machine, and now announces its global launch.

The ASB-12M is a one-step injection stretch blow molding machine which can produce jars and bottles directly from PET and other types of plastic resins in one machine. With the introduction of this machine to the ASB Series line-up, Nissei ASB offers a completely new solution to the many customers that have been requesting a large neck sized container from a small scale fully automatic machine.

With the huge success and experience of the 100% built-in-India ASB-50MB entry model, that has now sold over 1,700 units, Nissei ASB has designed and manufactured the ASB-12M with a combination of Japanese know-how together with the well proven quality and reduced cost of its Indian manufacturing unit. From parts procurement, processing, assembling to molding test, every process of production is carried out in
ASB’s factory in India. While achieving reduced manufacturing costs, the machine has higher productivity, plus advanced specifications and functions such as vastly improved energy consumption. The ASB-12M is an all new machine based on an amalgamation of the India-made ASB-50MB which boasts fantastic cost competitiveness together with the higher specification Japan-made ASB-12N/10 having an excellent reputation of versatility to manufacture a wide variety of containers in PET and various other plastic materials.

Prior to this global debut, multiple units of the ASB-12M have already been sold and have been operating under field tests at several of our customer’s plants in the India market. With minor refinements from the results of the field tests, the final release version of the ASB-12M has now been developed to be sold into the global market.

Features of the new machine are as below.

One-Step Stretch Blow Moulding Machine

One Step Stretch Blow Moulding Machine         Wide Jar moulded by the ASB - 12M

(Left photo) ASB-12M (Right photo) Wide mouth jars molded by the ASB-12M

Feature 1: Wider range of moulded containers

The ASB-12M can mold jars with even larger necks than our existing same class machine, the ASB-12N/10. (ASB-12M: up to 83 mm neck diameter, versus ASB-12N/10: up to 70 mm neck diameter) Applications include many cosmetics and food containers such as hand-cream, peanut butter etc. In the case of bottles, the productivity also increases thanks to the higher cavitation possibilities in the 28mm to 32mm range. (4 or 5 cavity is now available in case of 28 mm neck diameter.)

Feature 2: Improved energy efficiency
The ASB-12M utilizes two servo driven hydraulic pumps which can adapt their speed and output precisely to the required demand throughout the entire cycle of the machine thereby reducing actual energy consumption by about 40%*1 over similar class, hydraulically operated machines. With this level of energy saving, the machine is approaching efficiency levels coming close to all-electric machines.
Besides energy reduction, noise and vibration are also dramatically reduced, now being on a similar level with ASB’s all electric molding machine, the ASB-15N/10E. Smoother operation also results in longer durability and easier maintenance compared with the existing hydraulically operated models.
*1 : Subject to container configuration.

Feature 3: Existing machine’s mold can be mounted

Molds made for the existing ASB-50MB v3 and ASB-12N/10 can be mounted on the ASB-12M using some optional parts for full compatibility. This compatibility enables an easy upgrade path for ASB’s customers who are already using these existing machines.


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