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Custom Designed Cutting Machines

Custom Designed Cutting Machine and extensions

MA-Go - compact, accurate, competitive
HvdH has found that there is an increasing need for competitively priced downstream extrusion equipment. It is for this reason that Hans von der Heyde has developed one of many modules that would be required to complete a cutting production line.

The MA-Go is an ideal entry-level model equipped with established and proven technology that not only provides high precision cuts, but also high speeds for fast cutting actions. It is ideal for the cutting of plastic profiles and similar products.


Technical specifications

  • Cross-Section width/height:                 100mm / 30 mm max
  • Feed/Advance:                                    3 - 999 999.9 mm
  • Feed speed:                                        1 - 70.9 m / min
  • Haul-off conveyor speed:                     1 - 60 m / min -- continuously adjustable
  • Cut power:                                         max. 200 cuts, depending on material height and length
  • Power input:                                       approx. 2 kW
  • Voltage:                                             3 x 400 V, 50 Hz, N , PE 16 A
  • Dimensions (L x W x H):                      approx. 1 000 x 508 x 580 mm
  • Weight:                                              91 kg

Driver Conveyor Driver Conveyor    
  Exit ConveyorExit Conveyor       

Input Guide for Cutting MachineInput Guide

MA-Go – Extensions

Custom Designed Cabinet for Cutting Machine
The MA-Go can be customized with various extensions specifically designed for it.

The MA-Go Cabinet is used to move your MA-Go around freely and with ease. Also, it features shelves for storage of various documents and other equipment needed close at hand.
Not only is the Cabinet a perfect fit for your MA-Go, but is also very light weight and versatile.

Through put controlIn order to regulate all in-line equipment around the MA-Go we have designed the MA-Go Through-put Control. It ensure, that the MA-Go is synchronized with all proceeding in-line equipment, thereby providing stability to the entire production line. 

Custom Made Cutting Machine extentionsIn order to utilize your MA-Go to its full potential, we have developed the MA-Go Extension Table. It enables you to attach either 2 punching tools, or a combination of a punching tool and one printer head. These can be interchanged at any given time, easily and effectively.




Contact us for further information on the MA-Go Cutter and Extensions to optimize your production line!


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