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Krauss Maffei Injection Mouldign Machine News

Krauss Maffei Injection Mouldign Machine News

Krauss Maffei

Injection molding in a new dimension

First-class machine design– the best results

GX - Injection Moulding Machine Krauss MaffeiWorld premiere in mid-May in Munich. KraussMaffei presented impressive six machines from its new GX series. With these, the company is expanding its product portfolio in the hydro-mechanical twinplaten machine segment in the mid-range clamping force segment. Dr. Karlheinz Bourdon, Vice President Technologies, talks about the new GX series and its advantages for customers.
The Interview Was conducted by Markus Betsche.

AHEAD: You talk about a new dimension of injection molding. What makes the new GX series so special?
Dr. Bourdon: We talk about a new dimension because customers can use the machine to get the best results from their production. To me, the machine represents the best overall design on the market. It offers the highest injection molding capability in regard to speed, precision and modular design and it's setting new benchmarks regarding performance, usability and value stability. It is a cut above due to its one-of-a-kind and intelligent product innovations, the GearX interlock mechanism and the GuideX guide shoe.

AHEAD: Can you explain the benefits of GearX and GuideX for our customers in more detail?
Dr. Bourdon: During production use, GearX excelswith a fast interlock and, subsequently, short cycle times. The GuideX’s innovative design reduces friction and isolates force effects and deformation during movements and clamping force build-up. This results in longer service life and energy efficiency. We paid special attention to good accessibility and simple operation for the compact clamping unit in order to minimize set-up times as much as possible. Due to themodular design, the machine can be combined with all available injection units individually from an extensive construction set. Even the drive module can be selected according to production requirements. Our tried-andtested plasticizing units and injection units with state-of-the-art control Krauss Maffei - GX Injection Moulding Machine Newstechnology are used for material processing. Overall, the GX offers high efficiency and productivity due to speed and a short cycle time as well as a maximized number of good parts due to process parameters that are stable over the long term.

AHEAD: Which target groups are the focus of the GX?
Dr. Bourdon: In the GX series, we offer an excellent injection molding machine for all industries and regions. The modular design and its speed meet the highest customer demands and allow an ideal adaptation to all production requirements. To start with, machines with 4,000 to 6,500 kN of clamping force in various dimensions are available and can be combined with screw diameters of 55 to 100 millimeters. The GX series is outfitted with our excellent twin-platen technology, which allows a fast closing movement.

AHEAD: What are the advantages for the operator?
Dr. Bourdon: With generous bar spacings and mold mounting dimensions, the readily accessible GX machines enable short set-up times and thus an increase in production time. With the integrated automation solution, the customer receives a truly all-in-one production cell. Visually and functionally. In addition, the machine and robot are operated together using the intuitive MC6 control system. The readily accessible and visible machine simplifies the operator's work and the clearly arranged MC6 supports the operator with many helpful functions. This prevents operating errors, helps during faults and effectively decreases production interruptions.

AHEAD: How energy-efficient is the GX series?
Dr. Bourdon: During development of the GX series, we applied our experiences from a multitude of energy considerations and designed the machine components in the best possible way in regard to energy efficiency. For example, linear guides for the clamping platens reduce friction during clamping unit movements. Control pumps also come standard on the machines. Furthermore, all of the modules from our “BluePower” product line are available for the GX as well. And with the MC6’s Eco button, the machine switches into the most energyconserving production state automatically. Thus the GX series is setting benchmarks in this regard, too. It's something I can't emphasize enough: It is the best machine design on the market.

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