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Green PVC fence droppers in SA

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DPI Plastics launches new range of 'green' PVC fence droppers in SA


Farmers in South Africa can benefit from a new range of environmentally friendly PVC fence droppers introduced to the local market by
DPI Plastics - a leading manufacturer of water reticulation, drainage and pipe-fitting systems in South Africa.

Environmentally friendly PVC fence droppersDPI Plastics technical and product manager Renier Snyman highlights the fact that the DPI Plastics range of fence droppers are manufactured from 100 per cent recycled PVC, and serve as a greener alternative to industry standard steel and wooden droppers.

"As environmental sustainability becomes an increasingly important prerequisite, farm owners are provided with the peace of mind that the manufacturing process of the DPI Plastics range of PVC fence droppers has a considerably lower carbon footprint than any other materials currently available in the market for the same applications," he explains.

PVC Fence Droppers - OnsiteDue to the lightweight characteristics of PVC, Snyman points out that DPI Plastics PVC fence droppers substantially reduce transportation costs, and resultant carbon monoxide pollution. He notes that PVC is also lighter than steel, and more droppers can therefore be fitted in each load.

"This significantly reduces fuel consumption by minimising the amount of delivery trips that have to be undertaken to and from the site. An additional benefit that PVC has over steel is the fact that it does not conduct electricity, which eliminates the risk of an electric fence short circuit," he adds.

According to Snyman, The DPI Plastics range of PVC fence droppers are also highly resistant to chemicals, in addition to being self extinguishing. "Although PVC will melt to some degree in a large fire, it does not transform into a low viscosity liquid that would spread the flames. Once the heat source is removed, PVC will no longer burn."

Snyman points out that the DPI Plastics range of PVC fence droppers are also resistant to rust, insect damage and ultra violet light. "These characteristics ensure further long term savings, due to the fact that minimal maintenance is required. To add to this, recycled PVC has no scrap yard value, which further reduces the risk of the fence being damaged as a result of theft."

The PVC fence droppers are manufactured entirely in-house by DPI Plastics, and were officially launched in late 2012, following months of research and development. The fence droppers are currently available in the following dimensions; 19mmx 1,25m, 19 mm x 1,27m, 19mmx 1,40m, 19mmx 1, 85m and 19mmx 2,45m.

Snyman notes that the DPI Plastics range of PVC fence droppers have undergone trial periods with positive results. "The trial periods have resulted in a number of sales across the farming regions in South Africa, particularly in Mpumalanga, the Free State and the Northern Cape."
Looking to the future, Snyman is optimistic that DPI Plastics can gain measurable market share through its range of PVC fence droppers during the course of 2013. "DPI Plastics has developed a strong reputation over the decades as a trusted and reliable supplier of high quality products to the South African farming community. By using this reputation as a platform to promote the considerable benefits of the new range, I am confident that DPI Plastics can expand its footprint further into the agricultural and game farm markets," he concludes.

About DPI Plastics
DPI Plastics (Pty) Ltd is a leading manufacturer of PVC and HDPE water reticulation and drainage pipe and fitting systems with two ISO 9001 certified South African factories based in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

DPI Plastics Contact
Martine Goodchild
DPI Plastics Marketing Manager
Phone: (021) 957 5600

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