Otima Plastics launch new products Otima Maxi Meal Box - a plastic lunch box with division tray, spoon and fork.

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Otima Plastics Launch New Products - Otima Maxi Meal Box and Tote Basket

Submission Date : 2018-07-31

Otima Packaging Containers

Otima Plastic Lunch boxes and plastic shot glasses


Maxi Meal Box - Plastic Lunch Box with division tray, spoon and fork

Otima Maxi Meal Box

The Maxi Meal Box is our cube shaped lunch box with a three division tray complete with a spoon and fork. This Meal on the Go box is the perfect lunchbox to compartmentalize your foods and makes eating on the go a pleasure.

26L Tote Basket

Plasic Tote basket
Expanding our Multipurpose usage items, the 26 litre tote basket adds 16 different colour options to your home. Ideal for almost any application from washing basket to toy storage, the range of colours and the value price point of this basket make it a valuable addition to our range.

About Otima Plastics

Ótima is your market leader in plastic products.

We specialise in a wide range of plastic containers for home and personal use, including plastic ice buckets, plastic fliptop lunch boxes with plastic bottle, plastic shot glasses, plastic dustbins, plastic regrind buckets, plastic tubs, plastic cups and multi purpose plastic containers with lids.

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