Clariant Sees Colors Becoming Muted for 2019 as Consumers Come to Grips with a Complex World.

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Release of Color Forward 2019 Annual Color Forecasting Guide for the Plastics Industry

Clariant Sees Colors Becoming Muted for 2019 as Consumers Come to Grips with a Complex World.

Submission Date : 2018-01-23

Clariant Sees Colors Becoming Muted for 2019, as Consumers Come to Grips with a Complex World 


Clariant announces the release of ColorForwar


• Colors for 2019 are soft, dark and layered

• Trends suggest people seeking focus and control  

• Self-expression, creativity and humanity on the rise 


Muttenz, December 14, 2017 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, announces the release of ColorForward® 2019, the 13th edition of the annual color forecasting guide for the plastics industry.  
In 2019, consumers can be expected to feel increasingly frustrated by complications and distractions that make it difficult to focus long enough to complete even important tasks. They’ll also feel like things that used to be predictable and dependable have gone out of control. Amid these confusing and unsettling circumstances, Clariant trend-watchers predict a heightened awareness and appreciation for the unique creativity, intuition and artistry that make people human. And, we will see the rise of millennials, particularly in Africa, as they begin to demonstrate a new kind of selfawareness, individuality and confidence.  
“As far back as 2014, while working on ColorForward 2016, we began to see consumers becoming more introspective and even a little fearful about what was happening in their world,” recalls Judith van Vliet, ColorWorks® Designer and a leader of the ColorForward team. “That gloominess, reflected in colors that were muted, softer, darker and even ambiguous, has persisted. Although the palette for 2019 is still toned down and more than a little grey, we see in it a growing sense of resolve and determination to find ways to live happily in our increasingly technical world.”  

Colors and Trends for 2019 
Each issue of ColorForward identifies four global trend themes and then matches each with five colors that can be expected to evoke emotional responses related to that trend.  


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